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Harley Quinn #8 Variant by Dan Panosian / Website / Tumblr


Soda Float is such a pretty pony! <3 


US Princess of Power Magazine Poster 1


also i went to walgreens today to look for nurse redheart but ofc they didnt have her :-/ instead i found… this? obviously she wasnt what i was there for but gosh she was so cute i couldnt put her down… i mean ? pink hair? please!

shes really cute and small! i was surprised when i opened the package because i was expecting vinyl or plastic but shes actually made of rubber! reminds me of those tiny polly pockets i collected when i was really small? but yeah shes super cute! shes part of an animal themed line of “kawaii crush” and i might look around for others like her!

gosh i love her hat


Moon Kingdom~


An amazing Sailor Saturn cosplay by yizumi


Shy Guy getting 3rd place in Mario Party 9.