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31, F, USA. INFJ, Taurus. I have mild to med. cerebral palsy, and like writing and doodling. Many fandom blog, mostly all gen MLP, Powerpuff Girls, pokemon, anime, and video games  photo BunnyMiniScene_zps3efb12f2.gif
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Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (by keylimepony)


"Seraph" is a one of a kind polymer clay sculpture. She is a hippocampus or seahorse, or "unicorn mermaid" as some of my friends have said. She is made from polymer clay over a wire and foil armature, and painted in acrylics. Her fins are fantasy film and clear gel. Her hair is tibetan lamb fur. She is super iridescent and sparkly. She is available for sale on etsy

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thingie i made 


rehaired Scoops (by dede blueblue)


why does anime ramen always LOOK SO GODDAMN TASTY?! You’re 2D!! I cannot eat you!! FFFuuucckk


I feel the that way about the bread in anime, perfectly glossy and never burnt like in Kiki’s Delivery Service

 or those thick boxy slices (texas toast?)  every anime has for breakfast. Japanese baking is one of my fav subjects to learn about, I’m not sure why.  On a side note though, one of my fav food blogs remakes dishes from anime :D 



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